Build Motion builds frameworks and tools for enterprise applications using .NET and other Microsoft technologies..

Why complicate your business logic code with infrastructure elements? Yes, they are necessary – but should be managed more discretely. Build Motion believes that you should focus on your business and custom solution. Using the Vergosity Framework allows you to do just that. The Vergosity Framework contains:

  • Business Rule Engine
  • Data Validation Engine
  • Business Action Processing Framework

Build Motion is now releasing the Vergosity Framework – available from Microsoft Nuget: Install-Package Vergosity.Framework

The Vergosity Framework is a set of components that allow you to quickly build business applications. It provides just enough infrastructure to allow you to focus on the business logic at hand. Many times infrastructure elements of an application are an after-thought. This means that you may start building an application and determine you need these things later in the development cycle. Implementing infrastructure elements after you begin to develop is difficult. However, the Vergosity framework makes this possible. So no worries.

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