Breaking the Rules Part III: Create Consistency Now – Not Later

Break the Rule: I will come back to this code later and make it better.

Start creating consistency now, not later. Consistency can be a benchmark of quality. Only if the thing done consistently is of high quality. It could have a negative effect if you consistently implemented something using lower quality standards. What you want to achieve in your software solution is a consistent implementation of quality that can be quantified or measured.

You can use the measurements of quality mentioned in the previous articles or create your own set of quality standards. The entire development team should understand what the standards are and how to achieve them consistently. You will also need to put mechanisms in place to ensure your quality by measurement. This can be done by unit testing, performance and load testing, informal and formal code reviews, code refactoring, configuration management, automated deployment processes, and system monitoring. In general, use good tools and processes to create consistency.

Consistency happens over time. Measure and report the results of quality to the team. Use comparisons to previous time periods to show improvements in quality or to show that there needs to be more attention to a specific item of quality.

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